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Hilary Pais was head of the National Labour Institute, in New Delhi, for six years from 1984. He chaired the Committee on Wages for the National Commission on Rural Labour in India and authored that Commission's report on wages.
He was Chairman of the Industrial Committee on Plantations for the International Labour Organisation in 1982.
He has consulted for the ILO and the UNICEF.
He was member on the Committee of Experts on the Consumer Price Index, in 1982.
Pais has a number of publications on wages, on management systems and on conditions of work.
He has a Masters in Economics, a degree in Law and Ph. D in Business Administration.
He has experience of management in industry and in government.
When he is not traveling abroad, he lives in Bangalore in India.

That was in the past. Currently, I am busy giving final touches to my book on the India – China War of 1962. I know that there are many publications on the subject. But this one of mine, will be unique. Unique in its coverage of the events in Tezpur in the Darrang district and in the adjoining North Lakhimpur between the 18th and 21st of November 1962. I was, Assistant Commissioner in Tezpur in 1961 – 62 and then Sub – divisional Officer in the adjoining North Lakhimpur in 1962 – 63. After a four-year deputation with the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi, I was back in Tezpur, this time as the Deputy Commissioner of the district for two years, from 1972. Thus, I was actively involved in the events in 1962 and then had access to important eyewitnesses who were present and officially involved in places where I was not. Among the important events are, the fleeing of the Indian Army from the North bank in Tezpur and North Lakhimpur, the withdrawal of Indian currency from North Lakhimpur by the Government of Assam on 19th November, and the evacuation orders for the civilian population in Tezpur. All this interesting information and more has gone into the volume in a comprehensive manner and that, for the first time ever. Thanks to the Henderson – Brooks review conducted for the Indian Army, on the events leading to the war, the operational planning and the factors that led to the rout of the Indian Army in the Kameng Division becoming available on the web in the year 2014, it has been possible to document and analyse the policy decisions of the Government of India that led to the war. The Henderson – Brooks report gives detailed description of the military events that took place in the Kameng Division of the North East Frontier Agency that was the main theatre of the war of 1962. Together these factors make the publication the most comprehensive ever on the subject. Readers will be informed when the book is finally out.